Nifty Joomla! Extensions

This is a demo website to showcase our Joomla! extensions. Feel free to login in to the site and admin portal to explore the products complete features.

Start controlling social media content of your Joomla! website. Supports Twitter Cards and other types of Open Graph protocol meta tags like article, book, profile, website, music and video.

  • Supports both Twitter Cards and Open Graph protocol
  • Supports Social Sharing icons
  • Support almost all type of Open Graph meta tags
  • Set default meta tags for all pages and articles in single configuration
  • Override or customise individual pages and article meta tags
  • Set alt attribute for all image tags

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Joomla! plugin to fix the annoying image orientation problem when uploading iPhone or iPad images.

  • No configuration required
  • Just activate the plugin
  • Automatically fixes the problematic images
  • Bulk fix the problematic images uploaded earlier
  • Tested with ARK Editor, CodeMirror, JCE Editor and TinyMCE

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